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Space – the final frontier

March 10, 2012

Ah dear, I have arrived at that sticky moment in the greenhouse when it’s not quite safe enough to move anything outdoors but I’m still wanting to sow yet more seeds. And there’s no space left.

I shall have to make some decisions. I am still deeply distrustful of this warm weather. However  the broadbeans are in excellent nick, so maybe they can get tucked away in a sheltered place for a couple of weeks before moving them to their ‘spot’.  That should free up a little space. To be honest, I would normally be sowing these outside under fleece by now but it’s been such fun having the greenhouse I want to do everything in there….

Also I could decamp my sowing activities to the garage, thereby freeing up a whole bench top. It’s just not so much fun in the garage though. Presumably this obsession with the greenhouse is a result of not having had a Wendy House as a child! I am living out my childhood fantasy in my little plastic hide-away. All I need is a kettle and a chair and I’ll be very happy. It is, after all, the size of a Wendy-House more or less. To a grown-up anyway. 6 x 4. Bijou. No room for friends – I’ll just have to have an imaginary one – and no room to swing the cats when they come sneaking in for a quick peek. They usually leave pretty fast, disgusted by the lack of anything interesting for them.

However it is still a power-house of growing activity and really my concerns should now be directed to the other space issue. Where on earth am I going to put all these lovely seedlings when the time comes to pot them on or plant them out? It should be noted, to avoid disappointment, that many a gift this year will be of the green variety.

It is a lovely thing though, and I am looking forward to the range of plants that I can call upon for my garden, in whatever quantity I choose. Plus there is the excitement from germinating plants from seeds given as presents, the lovely Allium cernuum and seeds from Lola’s London and La Bessiere gardens. Hope I have some success there!

The crescent garden, which I help to manage, may well be a happy recipient of some of these lovely gems, which is an exciting thought. It has a lovely sunny outlook and being on a slope, passers-by get a great view of anything in bloom. Raising funds for planting is tricky but there is much potential here and, indeed,  lots of empty space!


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