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Complicata ramblings..

February 14, 2012

A garden is a magical thing. It’s like a bottomless bag of surprises. When I go out to do one small task it just seems to develop into an endless number of other tasks. Not that I mind much –  I can get swallowed up quite happily by this and end up pottering around for hours.

What mystifies me, is that when I finally come in having assured myself that everything has been done, I can quite easily go back out the very next day and the same thing happens.

Today I went into the Crescent’s garden just to plant a Dicentra spectabilis in a small bed which needs cheering up. It’s near the woodland end of the garden and will looks lovely in late Spring amongst the Tiarella cordifolia and Alchemilla mollis there.

I must admit, I am really looking forward to seeing the garden come into bloom this year, and getting a good look at the work we did last year planting it out.

ImageAnyway, back to the point of this blog. That one small job ended up with me re-planting several bulbs that the squirrels and foxes had dug up and putting in some very late Anemone blanda, which I found in my tools bucket. Will they come up? We’ll see. I put them around the base of a beautiful Rosa ‘Complicata’ which I have planted in memory of both my late father and my neighbour and good friend’s late father who passed away within in weeks of each other at the end of last year. They both shared the same name Kerr, although it was my Father’s surname and my friend’s father’s Christian name. Henceforth it will be referred to as ‘Kerr’s Complicata’!!

In a flush of success and optimistic that this may look fabulous, I decided to move some Eryngiums and re-plant a Sarcococca humilis, which I have removed from a garden where it just was not happy. Not sure why – but hopefully it will thrive in it’s new position.

I then started replicating this pattern of activity in my own back garden. After quickly ‘popping in’ some Astrantia  ‘Ruby Cloud’ and then some Echinacea ‘Magnus’, I spotted a climbing rose ( Mermaid)  that needed tying-in and then another one and another one. At that point I also saw the ferns which I mean to relocate and the area of the main border which still needs tidying.

You see – one job. Many jobs. I gave in and came indoors before the light started to go.

The truth is I’d better get back to finding some nice people who would like to pay me for doing this in their gardens and save some jobs for tomorrow (or at least the next dry day we have in Glasgow).

Toodle Pip!


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  1. Tracey permalink

    sounds like me!! I have hired the 16 yr old 6ft fit son of my neighbour to get the rest of the digging done in the veg patch. At the rate my 40+ hubby was going it was going to be july before we had it all done!! ONWARDS

  2. What a truly sensible thing to do! It gets a bit frantic at this time of year getting everything ready eh? Not that my garden is like yours – you need a team!!

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