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Just polishing my halo…..

January 23, 2012

I am feeling extremely smug. The sun was shining yesterday and the lure of its warmth and light was so stong, I had to abandon the housework for a bit of domestic work in the garden. From somewhere I got a surge of energy and grabbing a few bin sacks and my tools I went in for the kill in my main border.

There were quite a few surprises awaiting me. Not least the amount of dead wood in my Kerria japonica, which was about the same as what was left of the plant when I had finished pulling it out. They are useful straight stems which are great as plant supports for the rest of the garden. I was also surprised at how a couple of invasive weeds had taken hold – so out they all came! And I was also surprised at the number of sacks I filled, even after consigning as much as possible to the compost bin.

Talking of which – I was delighted to find that the work on my compost last season has paid off. More brown matter, regular turning, plus a bag of tiger worms has done the trick. I have a nice friable compost with which I duly dressed all my pots after weeding and cleaning off the top surfaces. That should take care of them.

Unstoppable, I took hardwood cuttings off some roses and various other plants, tied my Lonicera japonica ‘Halliana’ into the arch supports, and then pottered around in the greenhouse mixing coir and perlite for my cuttings. Bliss.

Today, we did the real dirty work. Clearing out the garage and being utterly ruthless with anything that had been lying around too long.

The potting bench is back – and the amount of reclaimed space is amazing. All ready to be filled up again with the coming season’s flotsam and jetsam.

And now I am collapsed on the settee, shattered, but definitely smug. I have, kind of, stolen a march on February if you know what I mean!


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