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Greenhouse Blues

January 11, 2012

What is the chance of this mild weather continuing?  All the bulbs we planted in the crescent garden are starting to  pop up nervously, and I just know that at some point we will have that bitter snap we have all been expecting. It’s the timing that is crucial. Like the spring rains that dash away all the lovely Cherry blossom just as it appears. Only time will tell us the fate of our spring flowers.

The new year storm is bringing an unwelcome visit from a scaffolding company ( nothing personal). We have a small leak in the roof, but which will require a huge scaffold and I fully expect that to arrive at about the same time that my Narcissi will be flowering and the front garden starting to spring into life. Only to be trampled into the mud. There goes another spring garden…….

Anyway, I have decided to get on with things and having the new greenhouse has made a difference to how early I can get started in the year. I think I can safely say that it is not going to be blown away having survived the gales. The door blew off many times, rollers wrecked, despite a complex combination of restraining bungee cords. However, the main body remained intact and the plants do not appear to have suffered. What a difference to previous years when I have lost shelves of seed trays when my little plastic greenhouse was tipped over time and time again by eddying gusts of wind.

One memorable year I remember scraping all the seed compost up off the ground and shoving it miserably back into random trays, and then waiting to see if anything came up and how quickly I could identify it. It was one of my most successful years in the end!

So – January. I’ve planted Sweet Peas bought from the Eden Project into covered trays and will get the Broadbeans in this week as well. The roses and seeds are ordered, the currant bushes will go into the shady veg patch at the side of the garage and then the garage itself must be tackled. Last year’s debris has to be tidied. Tools and pots cleaned and everything made ready for March when everything kicks off in the gardening cosmos.

The new greenhouse door rollers have arrived – but is it tempting fate to fit them, knowing that bad weather could come back at any time? Maybe stick with the bungees for a while.


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